Local - Warungs that “is a must to visit”

Babi guling Ibu oka, Suckling pig is their specialist, located in bale banjar Ubud. I love eating here beside their suckling pig still one of the delicious suckling pig in Bali. Many visitors loves to have lunch in here, not only domestic but it also forigners. Order one special nasi babi guling and another pork crispy skin with one bottle of beer…Now you are in Bali.

Warung Mak Beng since 1941, warung mak beng is located in jalan hang tuah Sanur, but most of all sanur villager well known of this warung. Just go straight to the beach on the left side you will see very crowded warung named Mak beng. Their specialties is a package of rice, fried fish,  their special sambal,and one bowl of your choices soup (vegetables or fresh fish soup).The Vegetable soup is just like common vegetables soup but their fish soup is a little bit spicy and very Balinese taste, for me I choose fish soup but on the second round I choose vegetables soup :p.

Warung nasi ayam bu Mangku kedewatan, is located in kedewatan before Ubud. Their specialties is “nasi campur ayam”. Choose and ask the menu before you order, and dont forget to order fresh orange for your drink.

Warung nasi campur KKN , they are provide many kinds of meats, vegetables, tofu, soyabean cake and so on. They open for breakfast and lunch. location is near Mcdonalds sanur, well known by the local and most foreigner or expatriate that work near here always visit KKN for lunch. Their taste not too spicy, a lot of variety food that you could choose, friendly staff, and cheap price. Order some fresh juice when you going to have lunch in here. Bon appetite.

Warung Bonita .Renowned for its hearty Indonesian buffet lunches, this perpetually busy restaurant serves a full range of pastas, spicy and exotic Pan Asian cuisine, and North American classics. New Orleans Shrimp, Tasmanian Steak, and Chicken Carbonara are just some of the tempting dishes which compliment a wide selection of Indonesian appetizers from all corners of the archipelago. There is an extensive cocktail menu and wine list and many inviting desserts to choose from. A garden courtyard surrounded by fragrant frangipani trees offers a suitably romantic setting for diners and evening reservations are recommended and accepted by telephone. source : nileguide

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