Staying - Health In Bali

Staying healthy in Bali just takes a little common sense. To be able to enjoy your time in Bali without health concerns requires a little planning. Here is a suggested plan to follow.

Identify Risk and hazards. Bali is magnificent holiday destination. This doesn’t mean that it is free from Risks and hazards. Consider the following as a guide to evaluating your holiday environment.

Accidents may occur at anytime. While on holiday in Bali ensure your safety while in a motor vehicle, on a motorbike or participating in risk tacking activities. Be aware of the risks of overindulging in alcohol or taking illicit drugs

Incidents such as theft can occur anytime. Ensure your personal safety and the safety of your belongings.

Illness can spoil your holiday. Reduce the risk of contracting illness by maintaining a high standard of personal hygiene. Choose carefully what you eat and drink . Remember the risks of unprotected sex. Ensure that your vaccinations are appropriate  for this region. Reduce the risk of contracting mosquito borne illness by taking the routine precautions and dont get bitten. Be sun smart protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun – wear sunscreen, wear a shirt and a hat and stay out of the sun in the hottest part of the day.

Rabies is active in Bali currently. Do your best to avoid contact with dogs and monkey, if you are bitten wash the wound very throughly and attend our clinic immediately.

Solutions and Plan

Have a plan and solutions for yourself, your family and your travelling companions in case you get sick in Bali. Know how and who to call for help.

For further information on staying health in Bali or other health related matters please contact : International SOS Clinic +62361 710505

By Karen O’Keefe Technical Advisor International SOS bali.

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