Oenpao - Restaurant

Oenpao is a chain of Chinese restaurant/cafes out of Jakarta, with 11 branches already established and many more on the way. The 1st one in Bali was in Kuta but now a big new modern version has opened on Jln. Merdeka in Renon. This eastern side of Puputan Park now joining the mass of cheap food outlets on the northern and southern sides but unlike most of them this one is air-conditioned, offers free Wi-Fi and has an English language menu targeting the whole world not just the local market. Open from early morning [7.00] for Congee that Chinese breakfast, called Bubur in Indonesia, of rice porridge with many different additives. Then it is a variety of Dim Sum; Shu May [stuffed with chicken or prawn meats] and the deep-fried versions of Spring Rolls and Dumplings, and all day meals of Hainanese Rice in many combinations and those wonderful Cantonese Roasted Meats but only Chicken and Duck, but sadly no Pork as they maintain their Jakarta Halal restrictions.

PHOTOS : http://www.flickr.com/photos/thinqbali/?saved=1

come and try their special recipe and you would know the different….

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