Kinds - of Balinese Gifts

Bali Nuts

Bali nuts has typical characteristics of crunchy and not too salty. Salty nuts are packaged under different names, sush as kapri nuts, koro nuts, and disco nuts. The most appealed brands are Rahayu, Cempaka Putih and other brands which have their own specialty.
Salak Bali

Salak Bali (zalacca palm fruit) is characterized with its thick flesh, sweet taste and fresh. Now Bali introduces another type of Salak Bali, which is Salak Bali Gula Pasir. Having slight different characteristics, the new type is characterized with fresh aroma, thinner flesh but sweet and tenderly. Available in gift shops, Salak Bali is still favorite gift among tourists.
Bali’s Coffee

Bali coffee, one of the famous coffee brands in Indonesia, is produced from very well treated plantations which are built at certain height. Amongst the famous coffee brands from Bali is Kopi Kupu-Kupu Bola Dunia, whose coffee shop has stood over the years on Jl. Gajah Mada-Denpasar, Kopi Setia Bali and other brands, which are packaged in a unique gift set.
Brem and Bali’s Beer

Brem and beer are Bali’s traditional beverages which are well produced from fermentation of rice, black sticky rice, or even combination of the two. Bali’s beer or beram is characterized with sweet smell and interesting package with Bali’s elements.
Bali’s wine
Bali’s wine is produced from the same grape fruit for daily consumption. The quality of wine produced then is absolutely wonderful with great taste and fruity but low level of tannin to complete the Indonesian servings. The famous wine brand from Bali is Hatten and Indo Wine.

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