Keris - – protection of god against bad spirit or evil

For Balinese Keris is very sacred. Thing that has curve, believe in heritage and as weapon on war. And keris is represent of protection of god against bad spirit or evil. Historically, keris it self is a part of defection of Majapahit kingdom, it says that influence of majapahit culture adapted very strong and keris become a weapon as well in Balinese kingdom. In philosophy keris symbolist of Hindu doctrin, even we have a special day to treat keris as a holy object. And keris is also symbolist of powerful and authority.

Treat of Keris its self is very sacred, and it’s believed keris has a magical power, some believed that keris is manifested of ancestor spirit. The making of Keris is preceded by ceremonies, offerings and magical spell to strengthen its supernatural power. It is even said that king of Klungkung saved his  kingdom  by using his sacred keris against the great eruption of Mt agung in 1963. Legend has it that by pointing his keris skywards, the king was able to cut off the flow of the hot lava, leaving his area untouched.

The power of the keris extend to preventing fires, death, agricultural failures and many other problems. Likewise it is believed that they also can bring great fortune such as bountiful harvest. furthermore keris can have tremendous killing power. Some are rumored to stand on their tips when their real names are called by their master. When making one, the empu , spiritual person who can make keris can infuse into the keris any special spiritual qualities and powers the owner desire.

I am not sure that you could bring keris to your home country, because some part of country not allowed weapon and keris is generally considered  a weapon.

source : Balinese villager and barudibali.

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