Historical - Buildings in Bali

Goa Gajah
Gianyar Regency
The cave located in Bedulu Village is predicted to be built in 11th century. The Goa Gajah highlights fresh air as it is surrounded by green paddy fields and Petanu River.
In the open part of the temple, there is an ancient basin, stone sculptures, and small waterfall. Into the cave, you will find 15 holes on the wall for meditation purposes. In the east hole, there is Trilingga and the Ganesha on the other side.
Kerta Gosa Park
Klungkung Regency
Kerta Gosa is a traditional building which partly forms the complex of Semarapura Kingdom.
Built in 1986 by Ida I Dewa Agung Jambe, Kerta Gosa is consisted of Bale Akerta Gosa and Bali Kambang (surrounded by water futher called as Gili Park). The building has unique ceiling with traditional painting of the famous Kamasan style.
Taman Ujung
Karangasem Regency
Built by King Karangasem in 1921, the park was used to serve as a perfect sanctuary as well as a meeting house where the King entertained his prominent friends.
The park is surrounded with water garden and a connecting bridge. Taman Ujung showed off an impressively combined view of the blue ocean and fresh paddy terrace.
The lovely water-dominated garden complex is an oase within the green border of the paddy fields and is perfectly decorated with some sculptures.
Built in 1946 by King Karangasem, the beautiful park is recognized as one of 40 most amazing garden complexes in Asia.

source: disparda.baliprov.go.id

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