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Diving Location Information

Nusa Penida covers a wide area of diving locations. They are Penida Bay, Batu Lumbung (Manta Point), Batu Meling, Batu Abah, Toyapakeh and Malibu Point. The flow through the Lombok Strait is, overall, south-tending, although the strength and direction of the tidal streams are influenced by the monsoon seasons. During the southeast monsoons, the tidal flow tends south; during the northeast monsoons, the tidal flow tends north. In the area of the strait north of Nusa Penida, the pattern is relatively simple, with a flow, at peaktide, of about three-and-one-half knots. Tidal streams in Badung Strait are semi-diurnal, but the character of the stream is very complicated because its direction runs obliquely to the general south to north direction of Lombok Strait, and the channel has a curved shape.
(source: wikipedia.org)
Name of diving spot Nusa Penida
Location South East of Bali, approximately 18 Nm from Sanur and 30 minute by our “explorer II”
Type of Dives boat, drift
Visibility 12-40 m
Depths 5-40 m
Current mildly
Condition Currents, can at times be quite strong therefore if unsure should request a thorough dive briefing and stick close to Pro Dive Bali Divemaster, good varieties of hard and soft corals, the water can get pretty cold at times.
Highlights Numerous dive sites. Slopes and Drop-offs. Interesting species to be found (e.g. Eagle and Manta Rays, Mola-Mola, turtle etc), many pelagic. Excellent varieties of corals.

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