Diving - Places Gamat Bay

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This dive site is located on the western side of Nusa Penida, southern of Toyapakeh strait. To reach Gamat Bay from Bali Island, usually divers rent a speedboat or joining a dive trip program that is provide by one of the diving center here in Bali. They begin their dive trip from Sanur – Bali at about from 7 – 9 am. The trip from Sanur to Gamat bay at about 45 to 60 minutes depends on the weather, waves and current.
(source: wikipedia.org)
Name of diving spot Gamat Bay
Location Northwest Nusa Penida
Type of Dives Drift diving
Visibility 12-25 m
Depths 5-25 m
Current Strong current, down current
Condition Healhty
Highlights Golden and violet anthias, chromis and damselfish, squid, cuttlefish, moray eels, eagle rays and reef sharks.. Mantis shrimps formation, leafishes, nudibranchs

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