Diving - Spaces Blue Lagoon

Diving Location Information

Blue Lagoon is just north of Padang Bai. Blue Lagoon Reef is relatively unexciting, with the white sandy bottom sloping gradually to 22m before a short section of wall. However the fish life is amazing. This is the site for sharks including the unusual cat shark, wobbegong shark and white tip shark. Also you will see interesting smaller animals such as nudibranchs, shrimps, crabs, squid and octopus. Water conditions at Blue Lagoon are generally good with only minor surge or mild current as the bay is fairly protected, which makes the diving so easy and relaxing. This is a very popular site for snorkellers, experienced divers and photographers and it’s a great location for night dives.
(source: aquamarinediving.com)
Name of diving spot Blue Lagoon
Location 5 minutes boat ride from Padang Bai
Type of Dives
Visibility 30 m
Depths 22 m
Current Mild to Moderate

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