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It was in 1978 that Menjangan became Bali’s first internationally-known dive location. Consequently, in older dive guidebooks, Menjangan is described as having beautiful reef flats. Unfortunately that is no longer true. Over the years a combination of dynamite fishing and (dive!) boats anchoring into the coral have taken their toll. Then, in 1997 there was a population explosion of the coral-eating Crown of Thorns starfish and, in 1998, coral bleaching as a result of El Nino.
(source: aquamarinediving.com)
Name of diving spot Anker Wreck
Location Northwest Menjangan Island
Type of Dives
Visibility 30 m
Depths 33 m
Condition strong and drift diving
Highlights Great wall diving, deep diving. Colourful corals, one of the oldest wrecks in Bali, built in the late 1800′ s and sunk during World War II.

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