Unique - of Balinese Culture

If you have never been to Bali before then when you visit you may be a little surprised at just how unique the Balinese culture is. In fact, it will probably blow you away.

Western culture has had very little influence on the values and way of life that the Balinese people enjoy so it makes a welcome change from the stresses and strains of modern day life we all experience at home. This not only makes it the perfect holiday destination but can also help to teach you a thing or two about fully appreciating life and making the most of every moment.

Balinese culture embraces the traditional values that have been handed down from generation to generation.

With respect for their elders and a strong sense of the Hindu faith running through the island community, it is no wonder that spiritualism plays a huge part in their lives and has a major impact on how they strive to achieve balance.

The whole community works together to keep the village peaceful and harmonious.

There are two bodies that ensure that the Balinese culture does just that – the Subak and the Banjar.

The Subak sorts out the irrigation system and rice production.

The Banjar relates to the village’s activities. It organises festivals, meetings and groups to make sure that everyone remains happy, faithful and contributes to village life.

Festivals are an important part of the Balinese culture purely and simply because they allow the people to express themselves and remain true to their faith. The community organises the celebrations, food and encourages involvement, pulling together under Hinduism as well as traditional Balinese values.

Balinese culture is easy to immerse yourself in when you go on holiday there. It is so different from anything we have ever been used to but really goes back to basics.

The whole community supports each other, encourages creativity, ensures that values are maintained and passed from generation to generation so the culture will endure no matter what.

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