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Scuba diving (“scuba” originally being an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, although now widely considered a word in its own right) is a form of underwater diving in which a diver uses a scuba set to breathe underwater for recreation, commercial or industrial reasons. The first commercially successful scuba sets were the Aqualung open-circuit units developed by Emile Gagnan and Jacques-Yves Cousteau, in which compressed gas (usually air) is inhaled from a tank and then exhaled into the water, and the descendants of these systems are still the most popular units today.


Bali Scuba Diving Locations

Diving Spot Type Visibility Depths Current Condition
Menjangan boat, wreck, wall 12-25 5-35 mildly excellent
Secret Bay shore, macro 5-8 2-8 zero shallow
Tulamben wreck, wall, night 12-23 29 mildly black sandy
Amed shore, boat 12-23 5-40 mildly boats
Nusa Penida boat, drift 30 5-40 mildly cold water
The South boat, reef 3-10 2-15 mildly swells, big waves
Padang Bai boat, reef, wall, drift 12-30 10-38 zero easy dive
Gamat Bay 12-25 5-25 Strong current, down current Healhty
Toya Pakeh 20-40 5-40 medium
Sekolah Desar 10-35 5-10 fast
Manta Point 25 30 mildy
Blue Corner 25 40 moderate / strong / very strong
Anker Wreck 30 33
Blue Lagoon 30 22 Mild to Moderate
Bias Tugal 30 Moderate to strong

Sea Safari Cruises

Sea Safari Cruises

Location: Benoa Harbor – Bali
tel. +62 361 721212
e-mail: or
Service: Liveaboard, Leisure and Boat charter

Orca Diveclub Bali

Orca Diveclub Bali

Location: Candidasa / Karangansem
tel. + 62 36 34 12 17, +62 87 86 06 48 915
Service: diving, dive school PADI, CMAS, daily trips, individual service, high quality, new rental equipment MARES; CRESSI; SCUBAPRO, NITROX32 FOR FREE

Bubbles Dive Center

Location: Jl Guru Mugni No.18 Karet Kuningan, SetiaBudi Jakarta Selatan 12940
tel. + 62 21 529 22233
Service: PADI dive courses, Dive trip to all Indonesian dive site

Sue Jarvis

Location: Candidasa
tel. 0363 41982
Service: Daily dive trips & PADI courses, personalised service


Water Worx Dive Center

Location: Padang Bai
tel. +62811375889 – +62(0)36341220

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